"Occasionally a person crosses paths with an individual who seems too good to be true. They reflect the ‘right stuff’ and their actions don’t betray their multi-purpose abilities. Such a person is Ken Pribanic.
I first met Ken in 2009 when the Diocese of Scranton sent a letter dated 27 Aug 09 indicating that Ken Pribanic of Church Furnishings Clearinghouse was to assist pastors with the proper disposition of all church and household furnishings and sacred objects. Mr. Pribanic, a professional, is committed to ensuring that all religious objects that are removed from the Parish are retained for Catholic worship either in the Diocese of Scranton or in another diocese.
As Pastor of 6 Churches, 2 of which were to be razed with a prayer garden created on the land, I contacted Ken Pribanic. From the very beginning he conducted himself with the utmost professionalism, excellent sense of an articles’ worth, frank appraisal of removal of any items, and an uncanny ability to remove items with minimal damages and prompt payment to the parish for items.
In all, both unity committees that mobilized to see that the Church’s interests were honored were extremely pleased with Ken Pribanic. Should I as Pastor need any further help with Church religious objects et al., I would call Ken Pribanic immediately. He can be trusted. I highly recommend him."

Reverend Joseph R. Hornick
St. Basil's Church in Dushore, PA

"I wish! I wish! I wish! I really wish I had met up with Ken Pribanic before we started building our new church. I wish I knew such beautiful stained glass windows were available at such reasonable prices. Having said all that, I also say I am delighted we came across Ken Pribanic before we completed our inventory of liturgical needs.
Twice I have traveled from the Gulf Coast in Mississippi to visit with Ken. Both trips have been extremely valuable, great service for our new church. I was able to purchase Stations of the Cross, tabernacle, sanctuary light, paschal candle stand, candle sticks, Advent wreath stand, Angel Holy Water fonts, processional crosses, cabinets, marble holy water fonts, and many other items.
Ken is extremely sensitive to the pains of people and pastors of closing churches. He has an understanding of what blends with what—traditional and new.
I look forward to Ken’s and maybe your visit to our new church in Long Beach, MS.
Thanks, Ken, and the Diocese of Scranton."

Fr. Louis Lohan, Pastor
St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
Long Beach, MS 39560

"Mr. Pribanic recently purchased most of the religious artifacts, furniture, and lighting fixtures, from St. Agnes Church, Forest City prior to the demolition of the church. Ken made an appointment with me and was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Ken is very compassionate, knowing that many parishioners are often saddened when they are aware that their church will no longer exist, and that the artifacts within the church will be taken away. Ken took inventory of the items he wanted, set up a date to remove them, and we were paid soon after the articles from St. Agnes Church were removed. I would highly recommend Ken to other parishes."

Rev. Patrick L. Albert, Pastor
Roman Catholic Community of Forest City and Pleasant Mount

"Ken’s limitless networking made it possible to market items effectively, thus contributing to our parish income as we were reimbursed for our religious articles. We are more than satisfied with Ken’s exceptional knowledge of religious artifacts, history, and architectural details necessary to aid our parish to transform our worship space. We have and will continue to recommend Ken to other parishes. Ken continues to support our parish and, in addition, he is friendly, professional, polite, and fair."

All Saints Parish
66 Willow Street
Plymouth PA 18651

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