Recent Activity

In September 2008 Church Furnishings Clearinghouse LLC was retained by the Allentown Diocese to inventory 47 churches that had been closed the previous summer. Photographs, brief descriptions and appraisals were prepared for all church items and catalogs produced for each church. The catalogs provided a means of recording the contents of each church and tracking sales of items.

Following the completion of the inventory all portable items were transferred to a warehouse and displayed for prospective buyers.

During March 2009, Church Furnishings Clearing House LLC assisted Fr. Kevin Gallagher, pastor of Blessed Therese of Calcutta Parish, Mahanoy City, PA with the renovation of the former St. Joseph Church. Blessed Therese Parish was formed by the consolidation of seven parishes into a new entity. Items from each church were incorporated into the design of the church designated for the new parish. In addition to design consulting, Church Furnishings Clearinghouse LLC with the removal, painting and reinstallation of the original 22' tall Gothic Revival wood high altar of the church. While the altar was removed from the church, the broad three step altar platform was removed to provide additional floor space in a restricted sanctuary. Securely reinstalled, the altar today serves as the imposing altar of repose for the church.

In September 2009, Church Furnishings Clearinghouse LLC purchased the former St. Vincent de Paul Church building in Plymouth, PA to use as its' new home and permanent location. When completely renovated the church will serve as display and storage space as well as contain a design library and apartment for Kenneth T. Pribanic. Designed in the late Venetian Victorian Gothic idiom, St. Vincent's was built of cut stone and pressed brick in 1882. The original stencilled stain glass windows and a more recent set of 10 Mayer windows have been retained in the building.

In the fall of 2009, Church Furnishings Clearinghouse LLC was asked to assist pastors in the Scranton Diocese with the disposition of items from churches to be closed during the implementation of a parish restructuring program. During the course of the program, nearly 95 churches will close. The parish assistance has already resulted with the relocating of several items to a Mississippi parish rebuilding following the destruction of its' earlier church by hurricane Katrina. Locating items for another Mississippi church is presently underway.

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